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Against floods, ezTalks video conferencing and you go hand i

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Against floods, ezTalks video conferencing and you go hand i

Postby eztalks » 27 Nov 2017, 04:21

At present, most areas in China are under the influence of the warm and humid summer monsoon from the oceans, and have begun to enter the high-temperature and rainy conditions, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Floods have caused the surge of rainfall. And so far has not been effectively alleviated. People across the country began to pay attention to this flood disaster. So far, the flood-hitter has hit agriculture seriously, causing direct economic losses of over 50 billion yuan. Natural disaster no lover affection, ezTalks video conference with you. Pray for the safe transfer of the affected people on the front line, to reduce losses.

All kinds of tunnel landslides, sudden floods and breakdowns caused by floods and floods have all been flooded and crops have been flooded. The entire south is undergoing tests. No matter people's property safety or life safety, they encounter great threats. Over time, the flood disaster began to spread to the north, and some were harmed in Henan, Gansu and even Xinjiang. Whether natural disasters or man-made disasters, especially natural disasters, sometimes we can not be avoided, but we can do as much as possible to reduce losses.
In particular, to help deal with such incidents and improve the response efficiency of the government and relevant departments, it is necessary to effectively direct disaster relief. The government is best equipped with video conferencing, walkie-talkies and other emergency command equipment. Flood control and disaster relief not only rely on a large amount of manpower input, but also need the input of intelligence, professional flood relief people's command, but in the event of floods, or any other natural disasters, the greatest impact is generally traffic. As a result, investment in videoconferencing systems is imminent if professionals can not be able to direct disaster relief efforts all along. Experts can remotely command relief work in multiple affected areas in one place and try to keep the harm to a minimum.
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