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SK Gaming outsmart the Poles on the 30th round of the map

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SK Gaming outsmart the Poles on the 30th round of the map

Postby berry36923 » 29 Dec 2017, 22:39

SK Gaming start off Train's T side by securing the pistol round after a successful storm onto the A bomb site. opt for an anti-eco on the second round, one that proved to be semi-effective in the sense that the team was only able to make the round expensive for the Brazilians, taking away two rifles. During the first buy round for, Counter-Strike veteran Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas secured the first 4k of the map, landing his team their first round in the half. Following this, Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski scored the second round of the half with a beautiful 3k whilst defending the A site.

The latter portion of the first half saw a very dominant CT side performance from, where the team had all the answers to aggressions from the Brazilians. On several occasions the economy of SK Gaming was in a poor state, all the way through to the end. Despite the dire straits, SK Gaming's Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo did not despair, clutching out a 2v1 situation with all but a Tec9 in the final round of the half, switching over to the CT side on with a 5:10 score deficit.

A beautiful second pistol round went in favour of SK Gaming, where Ricardo "fox" Pacheco was able to defuse a bomb plant that was planned to be denied by Filip "Neo" Kubski, however the Brazilians came prepared with a timely smoke grenade that negated the effect of the fire, enabling a defuse and a round victory. Two further rounds went in favour of SK Gaming, shortly after which retaliated on their buy round, producing an 11:7 lead for the Poles. The lead was not held for long as the Brazilians composed themselves, bringing the round deficit down to just one at a 12:11 score skewed towards the Polish side. On the 26th round SK Gaming had finally caught up with CSGO Skins the Poles at a 13:13 stalemate. Neither team was willing to roll over, slowly grinding round by round. Cool, calm and collected, SK Gaming outsmart the Poles on the 30th round of the map, pushing the map into overtime.
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Re: SK Gaming outsmart the Poles on the 30th round of the ma

Postby solydi » 04 Jan 2018, 07:30

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Re: SK Gaming outsmart the Poles on the 30th round of the ma

Postby rosesandra » 15 Jan 2018, 02:16

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