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Blade & Soul: EXP in General

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Blade & Soul: EXP in General

Postby luckyowl » 27 Apr 2016, 01:29

I never really payed attention to how much EXP you actually get for playing the content of the game.

Today, since I got so many HM Level Soups from the event, they are called Delicious Soup, I figured I might use them all before I get HM9. I'm HM7 atm and have around 40 of them.

Since all I do is either play Dungeons, Arena or SSP I figured I might try out and see where it would be the smartest for me to actually use these soups.

SSP it's completely useless, you barely kill anything as is. PvP is, as I expected, no place to use them either.

What really rubbed me the wrong way are the dungeons. I joined Necro 4man. I started with 62% EXP. After I was done with my Necro run, I still had 62%.

So through the entire run in Necro, which even has an Event where you have to defend Orbs and kill stuff, I didn't make ONE percent of EXP. Why does this game make decisions like this?

The only ways for me to use that Soup is during quests or literally just sit there and blindy grind mobs. Nothing else gives reasonable EXP worth the time you invest in it.

I'm not asking for much here, but I didn't even get 1% EXP in the longest dungeon we have atm, where you actually do kill alot of stuff.

I accepted them putting every value of an item to 1 copper. I felt like changing something like that is probably a much bigger decision than it might seem. It would affect the market and everything, even the bidding, since you would bid aslong as the bid is below the value. I believe the bidding is the main reason they decided to make all items sell for 1 copper, it makes sense.

But what is the reason for EXP? Why on earth do you have to grind mobs or dailies to get EXP? Why can't you get EXP by playing the dungeons?

I hate lvling, I really do, I'm happy every time I have it behind me. I do as few dailies as I possibly can, but I do like to play those events or grind the dungeons. But right now I feel like the game is forcing me to do these dailies or grind mobs, both are so extremly boring to me.

I just can't understand why you aren't allowed to get some EXP while running dungeons. I don't want 10% per run, would it be too much to ask to get 2-5% per run?

They are addressing this sort of in the upcoming patch with the dungeon which is gated behind keys. I like this dungeon already, but it's just not a real fix. That dungeon gives it's EXP by killing the boss through a quest, soups are utterly useless in there.
Give us a reason to use these soups in dungeons. These mobs in dungeons should give you meaningful EXP. I ran tainted lab today, and the mobs are literally giving 0 EXP. ZERO. WTF man?

I don't want to go back to questing. I do my dungeon dailies, harvest dailies, stuff like that is fine. I don't want to go back to do quests where it feels like im leveling again. And for the love of god, I really don't want to sit there and grind mobs for hours. They don't drop gold, they don't drop rare items, all I would do that for is to use my soups, that is not FUN.

I guess what I want to say is: Make Dungeons give reasonable EXP, and not NOTHING as it currently does. Don't force us to grind mobs to take advantage of these soups... I would love to use these soups in dungeons and get 3% EXP instead of 1%. That would be fair. This can't be so hard to fix, make the mobs inside of dungeons give EXP that's all you need to change.

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